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I have a self-directed IRA on which they have been making mistakes of various kinds ever since they took over the business from First Regional Bank, San Diego. I did not choose Sterling/Equity Trust they took over the accounts of 1st Regional Bank in 2010.

In early Dec.

I got a check from Equity Trust marked as "normal distribution". I never asked for or authorized this distribution, which just happened to be the same amount as a deposit I made to my account about 2 wks. prior. I returned the check with a letter, via certified mail and got a return receipt that it was signed for at delivery.

That was Dec. 20. To date, 12/30, they have not deposited those funds in my account.

To try to reach Sterling by telephone is almost impossible, you're put on hold and told how many are before you, last time it 17 callers, I waited almost half hour then was cut off.

This is normal for them.

I don't advise anyone to deal with this company.

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Rosemary Diaz

FYI as of May 1, 2013 Sterling Trust will change to:

Equity Institutional, Division of Equity Trust Co.

They're still located in Waco, TX, same phone numbers too.

Does this tell you that maybe because Sterling has been so inept at handling accounts they've just changed names?

It took over a month to get my account closed and assets transferred to a new company. The fees were really exorbitant but worth it to not deal with them anymore.

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